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Lab Tests Online的诞生是临床检验医学界的专业组织共同合作完成的。由美国临床化学学会(AACC)牵头,每个参与者在网站的建设上付出了无数时间的写作,编辑和审核过程。作为AACC所制作的网站承担了对公众进行检验医学教育。

The Chinese Society of Laboratory Medicine (CSLM) is the largest professional society for practicing laboratory medicine in China, with 73 committee members and hundreds of thousand of ordinary members. It was founded on Sep. 7, 1979 in Jilin province. CSLM is committed to bring together all scientists in the field of laboratory medicine, to promote popularization of clinical laboratory science and publications, to advance the development of laboratory medicine in China through service, education and research, and to organize both national and international meetings and educational programs. On Nov 5, 2009, CSLM will launch Lab Tests Online-CN.

The American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC) is the principal association of professional laboratory scientists, including MDs and PhDs. Our members develop and perform tests conducted in hospital laboratories, clinics, medical centers and other health care settings. The AACC provides national and worldwide leadership in advancing the practice and profession of clinical laboratory medicine and its role in improving health care. AACC's mission includes educating the public about the value of laboratory testing with the overall goal of improving the public's health.  Lab Tests Online, which AACC launched in 2001, reflects this mission -- today, it is a global standard for patient education.